Waste Management System - A Case Study

Project: Online Waste Management System

Client: Local Authority (London Borough)


As part of a cost cutting exercise, the Local Authority (LA) was looking to automate some of the interactions that citizens were having with the waste operators. Currently citizens are not able to:

  • View bin collection date
  • Report a missed bin collection
  • View status of missed bin collection
  • View past communication

The current process can take up to 3 days from a citizen reporting a missed bin collection to getting any useful from the waste management office.


Kiktronik Limited was hired to provide a solution which provides citizens with the facilities to:

  • View bin collection date
  • Bin collection status
  • Report a missed bin collection
  • View status of missed collection
  • View past communication and reply if required

Kiktronik Limited architected and developed a portal on Liferay DXP which connected to the Council back-offices. The solution was architected as:

  • Performs Single Sign-On for citizens
  • Retrieves citizens information from the Council CRM
  • Retrieves Bin collection information from third-party systems
  • Allows real-time communication with a chat-bot
  • Allows waste operators to perform tasks on behalf of citizens when they call in
  • Available on smartphone, mobile devices and desktop



Online Waste Management Portal

Citizen can track their bin collection and report any missed bin collection on the day. A real-time chat-bot helps citizen carry out tasks such as checking date of collection and making complaints.