Here are some of our services

Kiktronik is a software consultancy firm which specialises in delivering outstanding solutions to its clients. No matter what your requirements are; there is no project too small or too big that we cannot fulfil.

Systems Integration and Architecture

Integration is a key concern for today’s increasingly heterogeneous, distributed ecosystem of enterprise applications. Our expert architects have a vast amount of experience on cloud, micro-services, server-less and API designs and management.

Local Government

Over the years, local councils have invested in many line of business system such as; Civica, Northgate, BetterOff and EntitledTo amongst others. We work with local councils to streamline their services and make their citizens self-efficient.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Companies and organisation need to make sure that their staff can work securely from anywhere. Kiktronik has been developing enterprise mobile applications all major platforms including Android and iOS. Empower your staff and increase their productivity.

Liferay Portal Consulting

Our expert consultants help companies on their enterprise portal project. We cover architecture, development and testing of Liferay portlets and mobile applications. We have deployed Liferay in the public sector, finance, automobiles and retails.

Software development

Kiktronik specialises in the JVM-based languages such as: Java, Scala and Groovy to name a few. We develop software for the web, mobiles, TV and IoT devices. We build applications which can be extended and or consumed by third party systems.

Big Data Analytics

Do you need to have a view both of the past and future? Big Data Analytics is about knowing your business and environments including your competitions. You don’t need to buy expensive software; we will develop an intelligent system which will help you make daily decisions.

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