Online Homelessness Portal - A Case Study

Project: Online Homelessness Services

Client: Local Authority (London Borough)


The government cost cutting measures have impacted all departments of the council. Therefore, the council decided to streamline the homelessness services by digitizing some aspect of the service. The current problem is that council homelessness can take time to go through all citizens requiring to be evaluated or re-housed. By digitizing some aspect of the service, citizens can start the process online and find out if they will be entitled for help from the council or other agencies.


Kiktronik develop an online portal which allowed citizens to self-evaluate. The form provided a set of questions backed by a workflow engine. The portal connected to the council customer relationship management (CRM) system. The data will be matched against existing records if possible otherwise a new temporary record will be created and the citizen will be provided with a reference number. Upon visiting the homelessness services, the citizen reference number will be used to retrieve all the information saving the officer valuable time in data entry. Citizens could see the progress on their cases by accessing the portal and providing any requested information/ evidences. Reports are generated on-demand by managers. The application was designed to provide a consistent look and feel with the rest of the council website. The whole solution was architected and develop on Liferay DXP and hosted on scalable cloud infrastructure.

Online Homelessness Portal

An online portal built on Liferay DXP to greater flexibility. This save time for both citizens and customer service operators.