How to become more competitive moving 80% of your applications to hybrid cloud?

We get excited when we talk about adopting the cloud. Most developers want to work on a greenfield project, but that’s far from reality. Talking to clients, both large and small, their number one priority is to modernise their existing applications.

It is not as simple as it sounds; otherwise, 80% of applications wouldn’t still be in their private data centres. Applications, like ice cream, come in different shape and complexities, for example, a business-critical application which is no longer supported by the vendor but we cannot switch off due to known issues. The other applications are security-sensitive systems which we cannot move to the cloud until the providers pass all the stringent tests.

There are many more reasons why only 20% of the enterprise applications have moved to the public cloud. There is no valid reason why the remaining 80% cannot adopt cloud-native technologies. This is where hybrid and multi-cloud platforms play a significant role.

What’s your reason for not adopting cloud technologies?

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