Digital Transformation - A Case Study

Project: Digital Transformation

Client: Local Authority (London Borough)


The Local Authority (LA) was looking to streamline its services offered to the citizen while reducing cost in parallel. The way citizens interact with their LA is mostly by visiting their local civic centres or through telephone calls. Citizen mainly requests information related to their accounts such as:

  • Council tax bill
  • Social benefits
  • Housing rents
  • School meals
  • Social Care

Government has been cutting LAs and other agencies’ funds. Therefore, LA are left with a problem of cutting cost without having a major impact on services provided. The aim would be to empower citizens to become self-sufficient by digitizing the services and serving them through modern technologies such as web browsers and smartphones.

There are some technological issues such as some of the back-end services do not provide any means of integration. How to bring all the services/ departments together in order to create a digital strategy which serves them all. A shared vision and roadmap that everyone can agree too, keeping cost low while building something which is future proof.


Kiktronik Limited was hired to be part of a larger team of suppliers and in-house resources. Due to our technical knowledge on architecting large-scale applications and cloud expertise, Kiktronik was to play the role of Enterprise and Technical Architect. Aside from architecture, Kiktronik would manage the third-party vendors who owns some of the systems such as Civica and Northgate amongst others.

Kiktronik carried out an architecture review of the existing LA (30+) ‘systems; included but not limited to:

  • Service descriptions of each systems
  • Deployment description
  • Identify and document integration points
  • Vendor vision and roadmap
  • Technical support
  • Organisation vision and fitness

Kiktronik, while working closely with the various stakeholders, identify what information should be made available to citizens. Recommendations were made for applications which did not have any integration points. Proof of concepts were created showcasing what could be achieved through integrations and provide a consolidated view of citizens information.

The outputs included the following recommendations:

  • Build a web portal where citizens could log-in to view their accounts and interacts with the LA to pay their council taxes a simplified example
  • The ability to view a consolidated debt such as council tax bill, rent arrears and unpaid services
  • Master Data Management (MDM) to provide a single view of information about citizens
  • Single Sign-On to provide a seamless experience to citizens while navigating the different services

Kiktronik sat on the board of technology and architecture governance to provide strategy, guidance and review new solutions meet the organisation’s vision.

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