Business Analysis

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Business Analysis done right! Requirements elicitation and users' expectation management.

Peace of mind

Our Business Analyts represent the stakeholders interests across the project. They will ensure that the final product has met all the requirements and passed the acceptance criteria set out.

User-centered analysis

Our Business Analysts will make sure that user experience are extensively looked at each stage of the design process: usability goals, user characteristics, environment, tasks and workflow of a product, service or process

Workshops with various stakeholders to capture requirements

Kiktronik's Business Analyst will carry out requirements elicitation activities through organised workshop with the various stakeholders. Our UX experts will take parts in the workshop to make sure that the users' experience is a first class citizen.

Requirements management and govername in the Agile world.

We appreciate that requirements should not be written in stones and can change throughout the life of the project. We use an agile approach to requirements management by using such as tools as Jira and a the Scrum methodolgy.

Standardise documentation and technical design

Our Business Analysts use standard practices to capture requirements and visualise current and to-be workflows. Business Analysts capture requirements in UML's use case annotations and Microsoft Visio diagrams to explain the various processes.

Professional, experienced, domain experts Business Analysts

Our BA are experts in their fields. They will make sure that all type of requirements are catptured: Functional requirements, operational requirements, technical requirements and transitional requirements.