Alfresco Enterprise Content Management

Document Management

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Alfresco Enterprise Content Management

Alfresco Enterprise Content Management is robust and scalable document management used by small businesses and fortune 500 companies.

Kiktronik provides consulting and development services to help companies manage and collaborate on documents with their internal staff, partners and clients.

Mobile Content & Process Services

Access your files and documents on Smartphone and Tablets. Work anywhere, Work Anytime.

Process Management

Business users can own and quickly modify processes, driving continuous improvement and speeding up application development.

Document Scanning & Capture

Capture documents and data from nearly any source using world-class OCR capabilities
Classify and process scanned files so that organizing documents is automatic and hassle-free

Document Management

Manage documents of all type in a secure environment. Keep track of document revision numbers and control who has access to the documents.

Enterprise Collaboration

Facilitate team work and collaboration across the organisation. Share files and start conversation securely to increase staff productivity and efficiency.

Information Governance

Comply with government and industry regulation by applying them to the document management system with automated document lifecycle.