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Kiktronik Limited is an expert in cloud technologies, application development and architecture. The company consist of pioneers, authors, thought-leaders in the IT industry. Our brand is built on our reputation to deliver high-quality services and products on time and budget.

Enterprise Grade Open Source API Gateway

Apache APISIX Gateway Benchmark Tests on 4 Cores Machines On Google Cloud Platform

0 +
Reverse Proxy - No Plugins (QPS)
Latency in microseconds - No Plugins
0 +
Reverse Proxy - 2 Plugins (QPS)
Latency in microsends - 2 Plugins
The dream team

Meet the pioneers pushing boundaries


Ruth Nene

Chief Operating Officer
Ruth is the co-founder of Kiktronik, and she is also a marketing expert.

Armel Nene

Principal Consultant
Armel is the co-founder of Kiktronik and an industry thought leader.

Terence Emerhana

Programme Manager - Data Science
Terence has 14+ years in public an private sector including FTSE 100, Barclays, Citi Bank and NHS.

Adebayo Dada

Full Stack Developer - Architect
Adebayo is a fullstack developer architect with experience in both financial and public sector.

Guy Kimou

Business Development Manager
Guy worked in the financial sector for more than 15 years.

Aravind Sreeram

Solution Architect
Aravind is a solution architect who has worked with some of the industry most prestigious consultancies.