Application Modernisation & Migration

Adopt A Cloud-Native API First ArchitectureBecome Agile!

Based on a recent survey, only 20% of enterprise applications have migrated to the cloud. Improve your time to market by modernising your applications and adopting a hybrid cloud architecture.

Kiktronik's Enterprise Grade Services powered by open source technology

Become an agile organisation and improve your time to market while saving cost!


application development

Kiktronik's team of expert software developers have a reputation for rapid development of high-quality software. Our development garage develops market-ready MVP in six weeks. We work in an agile environment with a focus on CI/CD and DevSecOps.We help companies modernise their legacy systems by adopting APIs and microservices-based architecture. Our team can work as an extended arm of your internal structure or fully autonomous.


cloud-Native architecture

Kiktronik's architects are expert in designing scalable, resilient and cost-effective systems. We understand that you have adopted a multi-cloud strategy. Thus we develop hybrid-cloud platforms with cloud-native features such as telemetry, health, fault-tolerance, config management, REST, GraphQL and gRPC. We advocate the use of vendor-free architecture such as Kubernetes. We also promote Open Source software fully supported by our managed teams.


IT Consulting

Kiktronik's world-class consultants help organisations of all size to navigate through their IT hurdles. We help with architecture review, systems security and data audit to ensure that they align with the organisation visions. Kiktronik's consultants capture your as-is environment and make industry-backed recommendations for your future state. We develop strategies for your integration and digital transformation to help you become more digital native.

take advantage of the API economy

API Management

for all your microservicesCloud Native API GatewayHybrid Cloud Management

Our API Management and API Gateway platforms are powered-by successful Open Source applications such as Apache APISIX and Apache Skywalking. Manage all your microservices no matter where they deployed. You can be ready in a matter of minutes. Take our platforms for a test drive free of charge.

Trusted Advisors

kickstart your digital transformationbe customer obsessedprovide a better experience

There is a difference between digitisation and digitalisation; most projects are the former. Kiktronik will put in place a strategy which will improve your business processes. We capture your as-is processes and make recommendations on their improvement. We analyse your organisation and where appropriate, we make recommendations on the operating model in the aim of efficiency and competitiveness.